I chose to make Fremont my family’s home almost 16 years ago, and I continue to work for our home and community every day. As mayor, I will listen to and address your concerns with our greater good in mind.

Increase the Quality of Life

1. Make our city an attractive environment to live and work.

Fremont is a wonderful community to live in. Not only do I want to better the quality of life for those who reside in our town, but I want to create a thriving and prosperous community that attracts future residents. I want future residents of Fremont to join our community because they sought out what we have been, what we are, and the successful city we are aiming to become.


2. Addressing drainage and flooding issues

I would like to address your flooding concerns that continually impact our community season after season. The rivers and bodies of water surrounding Fremont are the base our city was built upon. While they brought life into Fremont, we need to ensure that they do not impact our livelihoods and homes. I would ensure regular maintenance and care for our city drainage systems. This would require collaboration between the City, County, and Property Owners. I am willing to be proactive and spearhead this collaboration for the betterment of Fremont.

3. Address High Property taxes

As your City Council Representative, I contributed to the stabilization of the City’s portion of your property taxes. As Mayor, I would continue to ensure that the City’s portion of your property taxes are contributing to the most worthy of projects and causes. I would do this with the best intentions of maintaining functional and cost effective choices.


4. Support Affordable Housing

Every level of income deserves the opportunity to live in and contribute to our community. I intend to support the continued effort of using the established homes we have, and making them quality, yet affordable, living spaces.


Cultivate a Prosperous Small Business Environment

1. LB840

LB840 raises around $800,000 a year. The proceeds go into safety, roads, and economic development. I would like to encourage business owners to utilize this opportunity. LB840 assisted me in the development of my own company. After utilizing LB840 funds first hand, I would like to assist and ease the process for other small businesses to do the same.


2. Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

We have 1,400 students coming in and out of our town through the educational opportunities we offer. I would like to create opportunities for these students to stay, establish roots, and help our community grow.
Within our community, we have individuals with passions, ideas, and the drive to start something new. I would like to create opportunities for these residents who know and love Fremont to share their passions and grow our local economy.


Unify Our Local Government

1. Equality

It is our diverse backgrounds and opinions that can come together to offer new insight and change.  I believe that there are quieter voices in our community that have gone unheard, and I want to help amplify these voices. We could so greatly benefit by lifting up underrepresented men, women, and minorities in our community. As Mayor, I will lead our city into an inclusive and equal environment. This would be accomplished through open discussion and encouragement of governmental participation. It would result in a better relationship between our local government and community.

2. Transparency

As citizens of Fremont, you should have a say in the issues and events that shape our community. I have strived to bring transparency to our city through the live streaming of city council meetings and updating my social media after each city council meeting. Bringing transparency to the Mayoral office means I will have town hall meetings to discuss pertinent issues and I will make myself available to receive input . I would like to assure you that your voice matters and I want to hear it.